Self Esteem

So, I had fun doing my own photo shoot for this post! But it was to depict how we feel about ourselves at various stages in our lives (or even all in one day!)

The first is sadly so typical for so many women. They don’t understand self love or worth. Their heads are down, so as not to make eye contact, their shoulders are rounded to protect their heart and they hide their bodies under loose and dark clothing. They make little effort in their appearance because they don’t feel they are worthy, so what’s the point. (I’m not saying you have to make an effort with your appearance here, I greatly admire those who are independent of the good opinion of others! I just mean that people with low self esteem won’t even try because they feel it’s pointless)

And then there’s the selfie-queen who has a super inflated ego and portrays themselves as better than others due to their perceived ‘superior’ looks (which have often been unnaturally created). This is not a healthy self-love situation either. It is often a mask to cover a severe inferiority complex underneath and is not a real and true love of the self. (And again, I’m not saying you have an inflated ego if you take selfies! 😂 I’m just trying to illustrate the point that at the opposite end of the spectrum, we can look like we love ourselves, but in actual fact, the pose is hiding the lack of self worth underneath)

The healthy self-esteem comes from a deep knowing within. A belief that I am worthy of love, that I am good enough. That I am inherently good purely by virtue of my existence and no matter what I have done, or what has been done to me, this will never change.

Now I’m not saying this is easy! I have been working on this my whole life! Regardless of what we were told growing up at home (positive or negative), we are continually bombarded with images to strive for – on tv, movies, magazines, billboards, in shops… The image of ‘perfection’. And what we need to buy or spend money on in order to achieve it. So often, we are all striving for the exact same idea of perfection, rather than realising that we are already perfection. We are all unique for a reason! When we can start to appreciate and value that, we can learn to appreciate and value ourselves, and in time we can learn to love that self too. When we have self love, we will have healthy self esteem which will enable us to make healthy choices for our highest good.

So what steps can you take to increase your self esteem or feeling of self worth? I have worked with a spiritual therapist over the past 8 yrs and a health coach over the last 3yrs, who have both helped me to look within and to realise my own value. And when I look after myself in a loving way, my self esteem is high and I feel great! Adversely, when I abuse myself in the form of too much alcohol, sugar, bad food and tv watching over exercising, my self esteem drops and I don’t feel so good. This is when I have to go deeply within again and reconnect to my true self, who reminds me of my worth and the love I have for myself, and that gets me right back on track!

It’s not an instant switch, but a life-long journey, and so bringing consciousness to it allows us to continually remember our true nature and to nurture that to its very core.

Can you look inside, just for a minute? And recognise your true value? I believe you can, so why not try it? 🙏🏻

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