I work with different sized groups, ranging from families and small groups of 3/4 right up to corporate business groups. The initial consultation helps me to identify the main areas where help is required, and then we can decide together upon the optimum length of the programme. With families and small groups, quite often we work with food and discover how we can incorporate new recipes containing lots of healthy ingredients, into the daily routine. We also find quick solutions for healthy snacks and more nutritious versions of their favourite sweet treats or desserts.

With larger and corporate groups, we generally begin with stress management, introducing various simple methods to eliminate stress and return the body to its natural and reparative state. These tools can then be immediately implemented in any stressful moment (in as little as 16 seconds), or utilised as a preemptive method to maintain calm throughout the day. We then move on to working with food, looking at easy recipes that effortlessly combine optimum nutrition with simplicity and flavour. Yoga movement can also be introduced with simple take-home techniques that can be employed daily to increase the body’s suppleness and flexibility, helping to prevent back pain and injury.

By making these simple changes, the whole group can benefit with increased energy (no afternoon slumps), better sleep at night, higher resilience and improved immune function which, in the workplace, for example, leads to greater attendance and better productivity.