I run various private coaching programmes, ranging from a four session programme to get a client back on track with their diet, right through to a full six month programme with the option to continue with maintenance sessions as and when required.

All sessions are tailored to the individual client as each person is unique and therefore their needs are equally unique. This is decided at the initial Health History consultation where both myself, as the Coach and you, as the Client, decide if we are suited to one another and how we can work together. We then look at the goals that you want to accomplish during your programme and we work together to achieve them. I have a 100% success rate to date in helping my clients achieve their goals!
We begin wherever is most important and necessary for you at the time – this can be with food and nutrition, improving on sleep or simply learning to breathe deeply in order to return the body to its natural rhythm, immediately eliminating stress. I also incorporate private Yoga tuition and Energy Healing into each session, as and when needed.
Those partaking in a longer programme have the opportunity to delve deeper into issues that affect our health, including our relationships, our passions, our career or life purpose and our individual idea of spirituality. I use my innate intuition to help you to see deeper within and to reconnect to yourself, giving you the tools to enhance your own intuitive abilities and to know yourself in a way you may never have done so before.

The relationship between Coach and client is sacred. I provide safe space for you to be fully present, to give yourself the time, and to bare your soul, confident in the knowledge that our sessions are totally confidential.

After each session, you will choose a small number of tasks to work on before the next session, and it is in this work where you will see the biggest changes. If you are not willing to make changes, nothing will change, and so seeking my assistance will not benefit you. There is no ‘quick fix’ or pill that will change your world. Change takes time and effort, but for those who are ready, you will find that having me by your side is an invaluable resource in achieving your goals and changing your life for the better.