I teach various forms of Hatha yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Pranayama, and Meditation. I have such a passion for Vinyasa Flow yoga, crying in my first ever class due to finding it so beautiful! I love how the body can flow from one pose to the next, connecting with the breath, and so this is what I teach regularly at Copper Rose Studios in Ballyclare.

I have also begun to teach slower classes, where we focus of each pose in turn and utilise the breath to find depth, both externally and internally.

I put a lot of attention on the breath in my classes as a way to mediate stress and to bring balance and connect back to the self. This breath work is called Pranayama, and we regularly finish a class with a different breathing technique, each one with its own unique benefits which can be incorporated into daily life when needed or desired. Depending on the class, I sometimes incorporate a little energy work into the session, looking at the Chakras or energy centres in the body and helping to bring awareness and understanding to this system. Meditation is seamlessly woven into every class using various techniques. When not labelled as meditation, it can be easier to assimilate into our daily lives as a practice to bring clarity and peace to our true self. I also help clients to reconnect and ground down to the physical earth below us which helps us to feel centred and whole.

With private tuition, I meet the client where they are and tailor each class to them specifically. I can intuitively feel how that client needs to move and so it is easier to design a client-specific class for them. Private tuition is therefore excellent at quickly and steadily improving the client’s progress, due to being able to work on a one to one basis.
Private group classes can also be organised for Corporate Wellness days or retreats.