For me, Energy Healing is a deeply intuitive process that amazes me every time I work with it. I am often asked about what it is, and I try to explain it like this: Everything is energy. It surrounds us and we are in and of it. I liken it to electricity, which we know unequivocally exists, and yet we can’t see it. The energy used in healing or reiki sessions is that of love. Again, we know love exists and we can clearly see it when it is present in the room with us, but equally we know and are painfully aware of its absence when it is not. An energy worker/healer opens themselves up to this energy by raising their vibration to a higher frequency whereby they can receive a greater magnitude of energy that they channel through themselves as a clear vessel to the recipient.

Becoming a clear vessel takes years of dedication and perseverance to clear your own blocks to receiving energy and love, and is an ongoing process. As the energy moves down, it will stop and work at the first point that it reaches, where it is needed, therefore I fully commit myself to the process, ensuring that before every session, I am a clear channel to allow the energy to pass through me and on to the intended recipient.

Receiving energy is a process that the client generally needs to be open to in order to receive the greatest benefit (though I’ve had many spontaneous healing sessions with those who accepted the healing but were closed to it). In some sessions, it can heal physical pain, in others, the healing works at an emotional level, uncovering long forgotten childhood memories that help to make sense of current repeating patterns. In others, it can become so deep that clients sense their past loved ones and I am shown a full picture of them or their distinct personality traits or even their immediate surroundings. This helps to validate the experience and for the client to receive deep learning and growth as a result.

And often, it is simply a healing modality whereby energy blockages or breaks in energy are identified around the body and repaired in order to allow our natural energy (chi, prana, life force…) to flow again. When there is a break in the energy flow around us, we can begin to experience pain and illness in this area, without knowing why. I once performed a two minute healing session on an elderly gentleman who needed knee replacements and was in a lot of pain. I sensed it he didn’t have faith it would work and so suggested we finish after just one knee to see how it felt. He called me over one minute later to exclaim that he was entirely prion free in that knee for this first time in years! A queue quickly formed after that!

A full session with me lasts from 45 minutes to an hour and a number of sessions is recommended (though not required) in order to feel the greatest benefit from the process.